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Most Haunted Castle Hotels You Can Stay In

Most Haunted Castle Hotels You Can Stay In

Castles have a unique charm. They can be historic and romantic. But they can also be haunted. There are many eerie and scary places on earth; but there is something extra creepy about haunted castles. 

Some former residents and guests of these castles have never really checked out and left. They have long been dead and gone, but their ghosts and stories linger on. Experience living in a haunted castle and, perhaps meet one of these ghosts, by staying a night or two in these haunted castle hotels:


ballygally castle

Ballygally Castle 

If you are planning to visit a haunted castle hotel in Northern Ireland, make sure that you visit Ballygally Castle. This castle hotel is notorious for the appearances of Lady Isobel Shaw who died in the castle centuries ago when she fell out of the window. There’s even a Ghost Room made in her honor. Her ghost is said to occasionally knock on doors and usually roam the halls at night.


ballyseede castle

Ballyseede Castle

One of the most haunted castle hotels is Ballyseede Castle in County Kerry, Ireland. The ghost that haunted this castle is a World War I nurse named Hilda. According to stories, she usually appears on March 24; but she may also haunt guests in other times of the year. When you smell the scent of roses in the middle of the night, keep your eyes wide open, her ghost may just be around.


castle leslie

Castle Leslie

Another castle hotel in Ireland is Castle Leslie. There is one particular ghost that haunts this castle, a former resident named Norman Leslie. Norman died during World War I and has since stayed in the Red Room of the castle. A man who enjoyed his privacy, Norman is said to haunt and hush guests who disturb his peace and quiet.


barcaldine castle

Barcaldine Castle

Barcaldine Castle is perhaps the most haunted castle in Scotland. It also has a chilling murder story. Donald Campbell was murdered by the friend of his brother, the castle’s founder Sir Duncan Campbell. His murderer took shelter at the castle. To avenge his death and to show his frustration towards his brother, the ghost of Donald Campbell has since haunted the castle. He is often seen, according to guests, at the The Caithness Room. 


mansfield castle

Mansfield Castle

Another haunted castle hotel in Scotland is Mansfield Castle. Mrs. Fowler, the former owner of the castle, loved the castle so much to the point that she continued living in it even after her death in 1938. Staff and guests recount that they often see and feel the presence of her ghost. She makes her presence known especially when there are changes and renovations done to the castle.


hever castle

Hever Castle

Hever Castle is not famous for its historic significance. It’s also quite popular for its haunting ghost stories. It’s not just any other ghost, but the ghost of Anne Boleyn herself. She is often seen wandering at the bridge and the gardens. However, she is not alone. There are other ghosts that haunt this castle. There’s the Unhappy Man whose moans can be heard at the hallways. There’s also a ghostly horse whose gallop can be heard at the Long Gallery. 


amberley castle

Amberley Castle

Located in West Sussex, South of London, Amberley Castle is famous for its ghost stories. It is said that there are many ghosts that roam the rooms and halls of the castle. The most famous of these ghosts is that of a girl named Emily. According to stories, this young servant got pregnant and the father was a local bishop. Shamed and hurt, the girl committed suicide by jumping from the battlements. Her bloodied figure continues to wander the battlements. She can also be heard laughing or crying around the hallways.


dalston hall

Dalston Hall

Another must-visit haunted castle hotel in England is Dalston Hall. The ghosts in this castle are unknown, but guests have given them names. Sad Emily floats inside Room 4; while the Girl Being Dragged By Hair is often seen in various parts of the castle. Mr. Fingernails and The Handyman haunt the cellar.

oakley court

Oakley Court 

Nameless and faceless ghosts live in Oakley Court. These ghosts love to knock on windows and bedroom doors. Some appear as shrouded figures roaming the halls at dusk. There’s also a Victorian gentleman who simply stands motionless by the bed. These ghosts and spectres are said to have appeared in photographs taken by guests.


ruthin castle

Ruthin Castle

When in North Wales, be sure to stay at the Ruthin Castle if you wish to experience a spooky night in a castle. The most popular ghost in this hotel is that of Lady Grey. Legend has it that Lady Grey hacked her husband’s mistress to death when she caught them having a romantic affair. She was tried for murder and then sentenced to death. She was buried just outside the castle walls. Her ghost is often spotted by staff and guests wandering the corridors and castle grounds. She also appears at the battlements and the banquet hall, wielding an axe.

roch castle

Roch Castle

Roch Castle is reportedly haunted by the ghost of Lucy Walter, who lived in the castle during her lifetime. Her ghost is described by staff and guests as a lady in white gliding through the castle and passing through its doors.

chateau de marcay

Chateau de Marcay

Chateau de Marcay has an interesting ghost story. Urban legend has it that one of the ladies of the castle was actually a werewolf. One night, after transforming into a wolf, a farmer shot her by mistake. She died, but her ghost remained at the castle. Staff and guests have encountered her, a woman dressed in white.


When visiting these castle hotels, always keep an eye out. You may miss an encounter with their ghosts.

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